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This is the page where you get to browse through the variety of offerings available at Beaupromo Puppetry. Starting with our tallest marionette we have a stunning 6 footer, a lifesize puppet used most recently at Junkee Clothing Exchange. This can be used in multiple venues as a promotional tool, typically operated from a roof or scaffold.

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For school and library settings we have a presentation employing our traditional marionettes doing song and dance numbers to Blues, Jazz and Popular music standards. This show incorporates history along with music to target issues facing today’s youth such as self esteem, dealing with bullies, homesickness and tolerance for others. Also included is a comprehensive explanation of marionette construction and operation.

Music and Marionettes
- KOLO TV News 2007

For several years we have been enjoyed street performing, or Busking, in Downtown Reno. This format can be used for several venues like Farmer’s Markets, Charity Fundraisers and Special Events like Hot August Nights, Street Vibrations and the Italian Festival. Four hours of varied musical selections makes for a constant variety of song and dance routines with traditional marionettes.

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Nighttime and dark venues bring out the most unique and dazzling puppets in the Beaupromo arsenal; years of inspiration and performance at the Burning Man Festival have yielded an impressive collection of Black Light, ELwire (spaghetti neon), and flaming puppets. This gathering of Marionettes, Limberjacks and hand puppets has no equal in the entertainment universe and makes a brilliant highlight to any celebration or gathering.


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Since you were about to ask, YES, it is possible to create a smorgasbord of all the above offerings for your next birthday party or social function. Please contact Bernie at 775-786-3200 or email: Allow us to show you how we rip the lid off traditional puppetry.